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Hiking and Trails



I got to see Mount Saint Helen’s covered in snow on a recent flight. It’s hard to believe my husband and I hiked to the top – one memorable adventure!

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Hike at Brightwater

via PressSync

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Cairn box

This month’s box of wonder – knife, firesteel, fire fuses and a snack bar with chocolate and cricket powder – yum! via PressSync

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Dude, we climbed a volcano …

Yup. My Pops thought it was great that Mount Saint Helen’s erupted on one of my birthdays and last year before he died, he wanted to take Tom and I there to go see it, but we never made it. So, for our 24th anniversary this year, Michael and I decided to climb to the … Continue reading »

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Yesterday’s hike …

I have a picture of my grandmom at a place called Illick’s Mill and I had never been there.  Yesterday, we went on road trip to find it.  We walked along some of the hiking trails she used to go with her hiking club in the 1940’s and then made a stop at the Musikfest.

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Today’s Hike

About thirty minutes from our house…

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We planned to take a short 2 hour hike. Hmm. It turned into 4 hours because the trail wasn’t marked very well and we spent a lot of it hiking in creek beds and in boulder fields going up and down steep grades!

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Boyd Big Tree Preserve

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Not too shabby

I did the orange loop and then repeated the route adding the brown trail to the loop the second time, just under 50 minutes. Then I went for the groceries at Wegmans!

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Visiting General Trexler

— Post From My iPhone

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