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How things have changed over time ….

Summer 1995 – evening spent taking apart VW Thing carburetor with hubby for the millionth time. Summer 2019 – evening spent crawling on hardwood floors with hubby looking for a screw smaller than an ant’s anus that fell on the ground while you were replacing an iPhone battery. I liked 1995 better.

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I don’t know to what event I would wear a shell covered in camels ? But there is a limited quantity available, according to the tag!

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Good News

Good news – my surgeon is happy and thinks in another 4 or 5 months I will be 100%, but I have to keep being careful since the two surgeries were so close together.

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I was at Wegmans today and had just started grocery shopping so my cart was empty.  I turned around to look at something and some woman took my cart!  Oh yeah, I went after her and got it back!!! The nerve!

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