A peppy palette for a quilt!


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The moment you realize you may be decorating your bedroom in the same colors of your sneakers.

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Amazon Milk Frog

This little guy’s colors are appealing to me today, I am fooling around pulling out his colors trying to decide if I want to use them for a quilt project or not.Amazon Milk Frog

Wonderful colors for a quilt!

Foghorns Golden Gate Bridge

Color Inspiration!

I loved this Monsters Inc poster, so I created a color palette for it!

Monsters Inc Color Palette Choices

A fun color palette!

I'm Still Tacky

Color Inspiration #2

Lake Campotosto, Italy.  A bit more subdued colors, but very pretty!

Lake Campotosto, Italy

Color Inspiration

The World’s Most Beautiful Table in South Africa has the ingredients for a great color palette!
The World's Most Beautiful Table