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We dodged the blizzard!

First we were going to get two feet, then 15 inches, then 9 …. We got about 3-4. But we had some creative snowpeople I spotted on my walk from our 7 inch storm on Friday night! One is quite the gymnast, the other is a Picasso. via PressSync

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I hate winter

via PressSync

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Coming Monday. I live right between Allentown and Reading. HELP.

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It is not a good sign when…

The snow is piled higher than your deck!

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Go away Winter

Last night’s Nor’easter gave us about 20 inches…another storm tonight.

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And it got worse!!!

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Storm #2 this week has made my house into an igloo!

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Storm #1 is over!

This one yielded 8 inches. Storm number 2 is already brewing for tomorrow night. # 3 is building for the weekend. I HATE WINTER.

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Another storm

Last night at 11pm my table was bare…today at noon….and it is still coming down hard. I am winter weary. And we have two more storms forecasted this week.

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