Another block

Otter madness ….

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Spiders! Eeeek!

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Just keep sewing …

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Another new one …

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Whatcha looking at?

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1930’s Path to the Stars

Frolic #2

I decided to do a second smaller Quiltville Frolic Mystery Quilt using batiks! Deep dark blue/blacks, blues, green, teal, raspberries.

Thanksgiving 2019

Thomas came home from college to visit us this holiday. Our dinner was a bit less traditional with Turkey Meatloaf for dinner due to my recent dental surgery. I got in some sewing time and started working on the new Quiltville Mystery Frolic! Last night, the doorbell rang and lo and behold it was my quilting friend Patsy caroling and bearing a gift of pumpkin spice cheesecake (she said, “it’s a soft food!”)

My Frolic patches in Cactus theme

I pulled colors for a second, smaller version of the quilt!