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About Me


melissa blog

Hello!  My name is Melissa,  I lived in the little town of Kutztown, PA until this past July (2015).  I am now in Washington State!   I am a college graduate, wife, and mother of three boys.  In my spare (?) time I enjoy quilting, reading, knitting, gardening and other hobbies!

11 Responses to About Me

  1. Jill Martindell

    This website is great! I remember living in Kutztown enjoying Sals Pizza, amish buggies & Joey’s Salon. It feels like a lifetime ago.

  2. Tanja

    Hi Melissa! Thanks for the great pear muffin recipe. Just curious, do you have a Czech heritage? The name ‘velikova’ is very Czech.

  3. Margot

    You don’t waste a second, do you? I am stunned by the beauty you create….the time you take….the awesome choices you make. I wish we were relatives and lived right next door to each other. I am in pain too, am a grandmother….and am beginning to come out of depression.
    I am somehow able to produce tons of food and some flowers each year to share and donate to the food bank.
    This year I want to package seeds to share w/people at the food bank. I am putting in a medicinal herb and flower garden this year.
    Hey- how can I get your blog stuff sent to me, btw? I am not hip on this jive.
    Blessings, and well wishes for ‘over the top’ inspiration.
    Oh yes, I am using apple bins for TALL raised beds. Will show you if you are interested.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. velikova

    Margot – Thanks for the compliments!You can subscribe to updates on my site if you have an RSS feeder. Or go to a place like they have a free service and you can enter the name of my website to be able to receive emails updates when I add items to my site.

    I would love to see your idea for tall raised beds!


  5. Beth Johnson

    Just stopping by to say “hi.” You really don’t have spare time, do you?!!

  6. velikova

    For you Beth ! Sure!

  7. velikova

    Sure, when I sleep! How are you?? I tried to email you but it says your mail box is full!

  8. Jody Guidry

    I saw a link to a koala fabric that led me to this site. Do you have any koala fabric for sale?

  9. velikova

    I think I have maybe a FQ – not sure.

  10. Heather Buchanan

    Melissa, Could you send me a pattern for this quilt?

  11. velikova

    I made it up as I went along.

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